Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Body, soul,and mind. The body for sensation, the soul for the springs of action, the mind for principles. Yet the capacity for sensation belongs also to the stalled ox; there is no wild beast or degenerate but obeys the twitchings of impulse; and even men who deny the gods, or betray their country, or perpetrate all manner of villainy behind locked doors, have minds to guide them to the clear path of duty. Seeing then that all else is in common heritage of such types, the good man's only singularity lies in his approving welcome to every experience the looms of fate may weave for him..."
"Meditations" of Marcus Aurelius Antonius (A.D. 121-180)

In other words, sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes good things happen for bad people. We all must forge on, be truly thankful for what we have, make good and righteous decisions, and know that there is a plan in which we all play but a small, small role.

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