Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are you an aspiring writer? Find a great program at http://www.writewaypro.com/

There is an AMAZING program that helps organize every aspect of the writing process called "WRITEWAY." You can find it at http://www.writewaypro.com/. You can compose your story according to books,acts, chapters, scenes , and so on. There are note sections for planning your story out in stages that is helpful because you can keep these notes separate from the actual story document. This section is where you write out the ideas while they are in the preliminary stages. A good example of what to use this area for is jotting down someones hair color, who they met in the back alley three years before, or what year someone graduated from high school, for instance. The character section of the program allows you to keep track of all of the characteristics of each character. I am not yet totally familiar with the entire workings of this amazing program, but it has been a great help to me thus far. Take a look at it and I think that you might agree.

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