Tuesday, August 26, 2014

         Exciting Times!

          Looks as though I should get this ball rolling once more. For those of you who have wondered if I'd ever get back to my blog, the answer is YES, and now is the time!
          I have been diligently trying to get a few things written and have had one problem after another. The biggest issue that I had was losing ALL of my writing when my computer crashed in August of last year. I was devastated. I did cry for many days. No matter what I tried to get my information, family photos and documents back, it did not work. So...I had to begin from the beginning!
          My nearly finished novel was set on the back burner for some while, and I am just getting started rewriting it. Since my memory is s**t it will not be an easy task. But, in the meantime, I have delved into the realm of poetry. Billy Collins has inspired me, truly! I have now finished my second little book of poetry, and I must say, I am finding writing poems rather enjoyable.
         Though I am not in the same galaxy as my mentor, Billy, I will improve with practice, and I can already see an improvement. My second book has been written in an entirely different way. I love my books, even if the poetry is not Shakespearean. I love putting my thoughts and feelings on the screen in front of me, then reading them again. Seems that I make new discoveries with each reading.
          Thank you to those that have kept an interest in my blog, and I hope that those that are new here will find it enjoyable.

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