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Author Interview with Don Bordua! Come on...let's get to know him!

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Createspace (paperback only):http://bit.ly/BH-Conversion

Here's the interview:

ME: Tell us a little about yourself...where did you grow up...family life...where are you now...where do you see yourself (physically) in the future?

DON: I was born in Massachesetts but at the age of 3 my family moved to Michigan where I grew up. Originally, I had two brothers and two sisters, all older, but my oldest brother died as a Marine during peace time in Okinawa, the result of a drowning during a training drill. I attended a community college and finally decided to just work. I had several part time jobs, then as a store manager for a national book chain and finally retired after 30 years at General Motors in Texas. I'm in my second marriage and together my wife and I have five children and a growing list of grandchildren. We have three Bengal cats and two Bull Mastiffs as pets. We now reside in a small town in S. Carolina.

ME: Ohh, that must be great vacation country down there!
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

This is a tough question. I've traveled through much of the US. I enjoyed an extensive vacation in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and two weeks in a condo in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Ochee, as it's commonly called is heaven. However, through research for my first novel, I learned much about Romania. The old world architecture appeals to me as well as their culture. Since I've been to Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean already I think I might like to live there at least for awhile.

ME: Anyplace warm and sunny would do me well, Don. I'm in Europe now, and I must say that the weather is not my friend.
Okay, so what do you like to do in your spare time, if you have any?

DON: I love to read. At one time I enjoyed photography but these days I enjoy landscaping, refinishing furniture, and playing golf. I miss fishing and hunting, both of which I enjoyed in Michigan. Golf is expensive these days, I don't have access to a fishing boat and hunting in S Carolina just isn't the same.

ME: When I was young, we vacationed in Michigan every summer. We had a cottage on Sand Lake and we fished every day, all day. I love those memories!
So, tell us what inspired you to become a writer?

DON: My father taught me the importance of reading. I've always enjoyed it. My reading choices evolved over the years from adventures, to fantasy, to mystery/crime novels. I'll also pick up a biography if I'm really interested in learning more about the subject person.

ME: Reading is one of my favorite things to read, as well.
What is your favorite genre to read?

DON: My favorites are mystery/crime and paranormal.

ME: I think it unusual that men read paranormal, but I might be wrong. I love it, really.
Who is your favorite author?

DON: My list is rather long, but here are a few. Edgar Allen Poe; Mary Higgins Clark; John Grisham; Elmore Leonard (I love his dialogue); Christine Feehan and Patricia Cornwell.

ME: I do recognize some of those names, of course, and I used to follow Mary Higgins Clark quite closely.
If you could have only one book, which book would it be?

DON: I actually have it. It's a special bound copy of The JRR Tolkien Trilogy 'Lord of the Rings.' I also have the same for 'The Hobbit' and the book that predates all called 'The Silmarillion.'

ME: Again, we have something in common...JRR Tolkien! I actually did a thesis paper on the whole Middle Earth thing, and did read The Silmarillion. Awesome!
Now, let's talk about your writing...What do you dislike the most about writing?

DON: Writers block! Plus re-editing, research, formatting issues and the ever present typos.

ME: What do you like most about writing?

DON: The creativity! I love seeing my characters come to life and watching them interact with each other. I like giving the reader the scenes before them, describing the towns or environment that they're in.

ME: Now, on a more personal note...Is there any aspect of humanity and the world today that really gets you angry?

DON: I hate that people, groups, governments and religious sects feel they can force their beliefs/customs/mores on others. Racism and reaction without fact finding.

ME: I couldn't agree more, Don. So then, what quality do you admire most in a person, and least in a person?

DON: Honesty and compassion.

ME: Okay, so those are the qualities that you admire most. I guess that you probably dislike liars and non-compassionate people. I couldn't agree more.
If you could write any type of book (at any length) that would be a best seller, and it only took you one day, what type of book would that be?

Obviously since I'm currently in the paranormal/suspense genre that's what it would be. Realistically, if I only have one day it would most likely be a 'How to' book.

Quick answers to quick questions:

Favorite food? Italian

Favorite movie? Once Upon a Time in America (It's much like the Godfather, but you watch the 'gangsters' grow up from minors through adulthood.)

Favorite fictional character?
Several. Just one? Bilbo Baggins

Most memorable moment in your life?
Watching my son being born.

Most regrettable moment of your life?
Breaking somone's heart.

Most embarrassing Moment of your life?
There are several, but one that stands out is when I was a child getting my haircut I answered a question that wasn't meant for me.

What person, either alive or dead, would you most like to meet?
Again, there are many. My deceased brother.

What would you wish to do with that person?
Since he died when I was only three, I'd just like to get to know him. The only things I know about him are from what I was told and through family pictures.

Do you believe in fate?
Abolutely, not only do I believe in it, I've seen it personally, from meeting people that have the same backgrounds to meeting my wife.

Well, that's it folks! I want to thank Don for answering our questions and allowing us to see the real Don Bordua. It has truly been a pleasure. Check out his links and pages!

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